Sunday, January 3, 2016

Where We Are......

I spent some of the day looking back thru this blog and can hardly believe it has been almost FIVE years since my last post! So much has happened in these past Five Years....So Much! I am not sure where to start....I guess the easiest place to start is right here Where We Are.

We stumbled upon this beautiful 60 acre farm that we now call home about three years ago, it even seems hard to believe it has been three years that we have had this magical place. We have always had the dream to have a farm. We wanted to be self sustainable and a different way to raise our kids. We wanted open space, land and animals....a simpler life....a more rewarding end to the day. This new way of simple is a funny thing. By stripping our lives down to basic raw living we have realized that it is a harder life; it comes with challenges....heartbreak....loss....struggles....tough choices....sleepless nights....early mornings, it is laced with self doubt and constant questioning of ones self. But through every single piece of every challenge the upside is ten-fold. The rewards are beyond what we could have imagined. We come out of every situation with a bit more knowledge and confidence. We embrace all that this place has to offer and are excited to keep moving forward....adding more to our lives and inching closer to everything we have ever wanted! Its pretty exciting.....I look forward to sharing little pieces with you as we trudge through this pretty awesome journey!

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