Monday, January 18, 2016

Funny how important the Little Things are......

You know that saying "Don't sweat the small stuff".......well I am beginning to see that in a different light! I'm seeing how much the small stuff makes up the Big Picture. Something as small as lighting....yes, I said lighting, can make such a huge difference. We have slowly been working on getting electrical and lighting to all of the barns. We had not a single stitch of electrical in any of the barns the first year we were here, no plugs....nothing! Thankfully my husband has worked his butt off the last year and we now have electricity in ALL of the barns and I can't imagine how we did without! We learn so much everyday on this farm how much every single thing means....including a simple light-bulb! Because that simple light-bulb leads to beautiful memories like our annual Barn Party and Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrated in the Barn!

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