Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New York.......New York.......

Yup....my husband and I finally stepped out of our comfort zone (WAY OUT) and took a trip to New York City! I don't think he was thrilled about our destination, but because he such a good husband he went for me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I had always wanted to visit, little thoughts of "That would be pretty neat to see" or "One of these days I am going to check that out"! We decided to take the train so we could visit and take in some sights along the way. Well....we took in some sights and my stomach was upside down before we even arrived in the city! There really is nothing like emerging from the underground train station to find yourself smack dab in the middle of Madison Square Garden, although I didn't see any Garden, it was a bit overwhelming. I have to admit that the second I hit the New York air the sun stung and the noises rang in my ears, I felt like I had shrunk to about two feet tall.

My hands began to shake as I tried to get my darn GPS to tell us how the heck to get to Rockefeller Square, it all looked so very easy when we were sitting in the comfort of our living room...a few blocks this way and a couple streets over that way....right? In all my nervousness I forgot that if I had hit the "detail" button on my GPS it would have given us written direction...DUH!!! We asked a few people and each set of instructions was even more confusing than the last, "You just walk up about 15 blocks to 49th and then right to 50th and you will see Rockefeller Square right there on your right" HUH!!!! Blocks and streets all mean something very different in New York, they do not resemble anything here in my little town!! So, we walked....and walked....and walked some more than we sat in a nice little park area and then we walked some more!! We walked through Time Square and up 7th Ave and before we knew it we were there. It was then that we realized we had about 4 hours to kill before we needed to go to the studio.....we did not venture very far!!

We walked through and around the GM Building sat down and had a lemonade and some fruit and went into a few shops. WOW....when they say things are more expensive in New York - they weren't kidding!! My poor husband had worn a long sleeve dress shirt and was dying from the heat, so we thought before we went into the show we would buy him a short sleeve polo so he would be more comfortable.....hummm $79.50 for a simple button down & $59.00 for a very simple Polo! He decided he would just roll up his sleeves and we would find some air-conditioning to enjoy! We were going to make the best of the situation. We took a deep breath and relaxed, it would all work out. Besides it isn't like we come to New York City often so we wanted to enjoy our adventure.

The sights you see are amazing, some not so much in a good way, but most can take your breath away. I kept finding myself just staring up into the sky, the way the buildings met the clouds was breathtaking and the detail on some of the buildings was awe inspiring.
The way the trees danced around the view and created a lace-like appearance was something I could have starred at for hours.
The geometrical lines with the blue sky peeking out between just made me want to draw them, I am by far an artist but it just gave me that feeling. There was something about the atmosphere and attitude on those busy streets that made you feel like you could do
ANYTHING! I was sure that if I had a set of pencils and a drawing pad I could have rendered an exact replica of that sky-line! The people are very focused, not rude by any means, just focused! They have an agenda, a place to be, people to see and a million things on their mind along the way. We noticed that you couldn't help but take on that persona....rush....rush....rush! We ate faster, we walked faster and we laughed about it at the end of the day.

Over-all we enjoyed our day, for the time we were able to spend together. We had decided to go more for that time together than for the experience, but in the end we enjoyed both. So when I was in complete pain from a migraine, my husband offered his shoulder and hand on the train ride home. With the kiss he gave me on my forehead and our whispered exchange of words I realized that I have quite a great guy to call mine. The kind of love story from New York that you see on the big screen, I have it here everyday in our little Connecticut town and I wouldn't change a single thing. Who know's.... you may find us wondering the streets of New York again, it makes you appreciate all the things you may have taken for granted!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am in LOVE with Blueberries this week!! I stumbled upon an old friend when I threw some in with my morning oatmeal. I loved the way they turned a darker blue and became a bit sweeter with the simple heat from the oatmeal in my bowl. I drizzled a bit of Swift Farm honey on top and was in heaven! Needless to say it was so darn good I threw some in with my salad for lunch and then mixed a handful into my yogurt I had for snack, again I drizzled some honey on top (I like the plain yogurt) for some sweetness...YUM! Sometimes desperation reveals the best things!

Monday, August 16, 2010


I am not going to write much for this post. I figure I will add a bunch of "summer" photos and let them speak for themselves! Hope you enjoy!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A New Look......

I have decided to change the look of my blog.....just a bit! I felt like this was a nice summer look, besides it makes me feel happy when I see the colors. I will be back tomorrow to add a new post. It seems like forever since I have had the time to sit and write....I miss it! I promise I will have lots of pictures and maybe even more than one new post this week!!