Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Okay, so it hasn't been the best few weeks and now I feel like it is just time to get back to normal! Funny thing, Normal!!! Thank goodness normal is so different to each and every person and my normal seems just fine and dandy to me. I figure I can't do much about a lot of the crappy things that have been going on so why bother wasting my time fretting over them.....move'in on!
I think the best way to get going is to post a pretty funny story that could ONLY involve my precious little boy!! He is quite amazing.....he has made it "snow" in our kids room and just recently he made it "snow" again in our living room. I have come to know that when he is quite it REALLY is not a good thing and I must run to see what is keeping him so very occupied! The first time we experienced snow in our house was about a month ago; I was cleaning the kitchen, making some bread and loving the fact that he was actually keeping himself busy. Well let me tell you it was a pretty big shock when he showed me what was keeping him so nice and busy!! He had so nicely sprinkled an entire package of oatmeal all over the kids room! Yes it was everywhere!!!! The couch, the table and all over the floor! I looked at him and asked "What did you do?" his reply "Snow, Mommy, Snow!" Hmmm....what do you say to that? I had to laugh and when he stood there with his arms out walking around the scattered oatmeal saying "What'd you do?" I did the best thing I could, I grabbed the camera.

I obviously didn't learn that with my son silence is not a blessing! Again, I was quite into changing the kids room around and cleaning under everything, he had been playing nicely with his blocks right there by the steps. I know he just waited for me to turn my back and he made his move, ever so quietly. The phone rang and there he appeared phone in hand looking mighty dusty! My first response "What did you do?"....... again his answer "Snow, Mommy, Snow!" He took my hand and showed me the white covered living room. You can just guess what he had used, I'll give you a hint - it smelled like a baby in there!! Yup, powder.....EVERYWHERE!!!!! Both couches, the chair, the table, the saddle, the bench, the side tables.....the bathroom. Wow did he cover some ground in only a few minutes of unsupervised bliss! I had to laugh just to stop myself from crying, you see I had just finished cleaning this room. How can you really get mad at such a cute little kid, he probably knew he shouldn't be doing what he was doing but he didn't know why!! Right??? Sure we will just believe that. He is cute and he sure is funny. Gotta love him for bringing the snow inside with out making it freezing cold in there.

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