Sunday, January 17, 2010

Looking Ahead......

I had been feeling a little lost, now that I have had some time off from my baking! I have been filling my notebook full of new recipes I want to try. I have been chatting with so many wonderful and generous people. I had the best brunch with my girls and the little guy on Saturday at Zest. I had a meeting with Carrie the owner there about possibly using her kitchen for my baking. She was so very nice, like a girlfriend I had know for years. I felt so welcome at her beautiful restaurant, I will surely return for another amazing crepe. I have also been in touch with another wonderful women in Pomfret, a little town about 25 minutes from my home, about opening a shop in her building. This isn't just another building of shops, it is a beautiful old federal home surrounded by beautiful gardens that has been a quaint little shop for years called "Martha's Herbery". Her shop is filled with an eclectic assortment of trinkets. Beautiful jewelry, clothes and those one-of-a-kind gifts that every one would love to receive. So, I have this opportunity to be a part of this little destination and I am so very excited about it, but I am still so hesitant! I guess I am worried that the children are still so young to be away from them six days a week. I am worried about their school vacations and where they will go. I know the older ones can come to the shop and help me out when they are not in school, but what about my little ones? many conflicting feelings! so here is my question to all of you; the rent is an amazing amount, the location is beautiful and my little area is perfect - I have five children, my children are still young and I will be a half-hour away from home? I am looking for your advice on this one.......
So with all this positive energy, I am feeling very optimistic lately. I may be able to pull off more than I thought I was capable of. I have some wonderful people in my corner and they are willing to help me out with open arms. I have a great family who will support me in any venture I choose and five beautiful children who make the world go round! Looking ahead, no matter what happens, life is Good!


  1. I LOVE Martha's Herbary, but can understand your conflict on leaving your 'brood' alone for so many hours. I'm sending more positive energy your the hopes that the right thing to do will just 'come' to you. ;-)

  2. It's great to "hear"the excitement in your post Tricia! It sounds like such an amazing opportunity, and I too send good thoughts your way in making your decision.