Thursday, October 1, 2009


Where has the time gone? Better yet where was I? I am sorry for being away for almost a month! I am making a concerted effort, almost a true commitment to write a new post at least weekly. I really have lost track of time....I thought I would get better organized after the kids went back to school, but no, I think I have actually regressed! Have no fear I am climbing back up this hill of disorganization and setting some new goals, the ones that will help me get my act together. You truly do not realize how much time has gone by until you start to look at all the things you haven't shared!
Sunday at the market I had the pleasure of chatting with Heather, from Beauty that Moves, about our blogs and how they are a way to "connect" with one another. She made a great point that when you have a business and a blog they are a wonderful compliment to each other, they put a face and a real person with the product you are offering. People really look forward to you sharing a little bit about yourself with them and sharing a glimpse inside your "everyday". I know fist hand how true this is, I love reading her blog and look forward to her photos. It makes me appreciate, even more, the beautiful things she puts her heart and soul into; those beautiful bags! When you read her blog you can see why her things are so simply perfect, they are a reflection of her life. In many ways her blog is a reference, a guide to the way I would like to live my life, and so we come full circle back to the "connection" we feel from the words and pictures that are shared. I can only hope that I can bring that sense of community to my blog and I look forward to the comments we can share.
Buckle up cause here we go......I have made so many really good meals and have some really spectacular things to share from all my Farmers Markets Finds, I may have to post a new entry each day this week just to catch-up.

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