Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Love My Salad!

I just have to tell you that I have fallen in love with Salad, not your typical green leafy variety. This is a rare mix of Salad; they call it "Art Salad " !
It all started a few weeks ago when we had a guest vendor at the market, Jennifer, who just so happened to be directly across from me that day. I was not able to get over to her tent to take a look at what she was offering and even if I had the opportunity I am not sure I would have been able to fight my way through the crowd. I could see a glimpse of what she had and it was very interesting, her banner was beautiful enough, I could only imagine what the "real" thing was like. Well, much to my dismay, I didn't get to experience it firsthand so I settled for a business card and a look at her website when I got home. Well was I impressed...yes it was love at first sight! How in the world was I suppose to choose?? Each one was just as nice as the next, thank goodness there were only a few pieces offered for ordering or I would still be there trying to decide!
I guess I should tell you that Art Salad is in fact the most beautiful fused glass jewelry, yes JEWELRY!

Some of the pieces remind me of candy, a piece of sweet hard candy that is too pretty to eat! I am not much of a jewelry person, I wear the traditional simple pieces; a wedding ring, a pair of pearl earrings and maybe a necklace (gold chain) if I am going out! I cannot even begin to tell you all the reasons why I needed at least one of these pendants, they are just so darn beautiful! They are the perfect size, they are simple enough to wear with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt but still sophisticated enough to wear with your little black dress to a cocktail party! They are the perfect piece of jewelry! I chose a piece I knew I would wear almost everyday, a pretty Black Sassafras Tree design. It was a safe choice for a person like me who is not very daring when it comes to jewelry.I could not wait for that package to come in the mail, it was well worth the wait, which was really only a few days! When I opened it up - oh did it ever exceeded my expectations! Jennifer you are my hero... you create the most amazing things I have ever laid eyes on. This jewelry grabs your sight and just mesmerizes you, you just can't stop looking at it. My package was packed with a special surprise that soon became my favorite, a pumpkin colored pendant that was so out of the box for me that I feel like a new person every time I wear it and I wear it - OFTEN. I can't wait for my "Jewelry Party", yes you read correct, she will actually bring these little gems to your house for you and all your friends to ogle over while you all enjoy a glass of wine and some great conversation; hopefully there won't be too much fighting over that last pair of earrings!! That will be my next purchase, a nice pair of earrings.....or two! So my advice to everyone is "Go Get Some Salad" - ART SALAD to be exact!!

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