Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sweet Treats

I have deiced I can call myself a "Baker". I have always loved to bake and I have fond memories of baking in our old farmhouse kitchen. It was huge and very open with the most beautiful built-in cupboard I have ever seen. The walls were lined with deep metal cupboards and a huge, and I mean HUGE double sink. I can remember my mother making cheese and hanging it in cheesecloth over that sink to drain. I think it was a Farm Cheese that she would make, whatever it was it tasted wonderful mixed with fresh herbs from our garden spread on homemade bread. I am finding as I take this walk down this new road that everything is better when it is made by hand. The less processed in any way shape or form it is, the better. I am also finding how much pleasure I am getting from taking the time to realize all of this. It makes you slow down and look for quality verses quantity. I am feeling the need for a good ole' purge of all this stuff that seems to be cluttering my life, including my baking space. I really think that it is difficult to get a good hold of this life I want when I have so much stuff to try and get in my grip! So, out it a good home of course. I am doing my best to return to nice and simple for my family, that is why I decided to stay home full time this past June and pursue starting our own little bakery. With each week I realize I am more competent than I originally thought I was. I really can whip up a new and yummy creation with my very own two hands that will eventually help support my family. That makes for a very Sweet Treat! Now back to being a baker!! I had a friend say the funniest thing to me once; I hadn't seen her in a few weeks so she gave me a hug but when she did she squeezed me a little tighter and said "Oh my goodness, you smell just like a cookie". I just had to laugh, I hadn't even been baking that day. I guess the smell of fresh baked goodies has now become a perminaite part of "Me" and the more baking I do the more I love it. I definitely think there are more sweet treats to come from this baker and her bakery so stay tuned!

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  1. I wish you so much luck and success with your bakery! Keep us posted!