Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am in LOVE with Blueberries this week!! I stumbled upon an old friend when I threw some in with my morning oatmeal. I loved the way they turned a darker blue and became a bit sweeter with the simple heat from the oatmeal in my bowl. I drizzled a bit of Swift Farm honey on top and was in heaven! Needless to say it was so darn good I threw some in with my salad for lunch and then mixed a handful into my yogurt I had for snack, again I drizzled some honey on top (I like the plain yogurt) for some sweetness...YUM! Sometimes desperation reveals the best things!

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  1. Sounds like my kind of breakfast, except I use maple syrup in place of the honey. And I love only plain (and Greek) yogurt, too...can't imagine going back to those icky colored and sweetened ones.