Sunday, March 7, 2010

Clean Food....

I recently purchased a book called "Clean Food" by Terri Walters. Who just so happens to be a local, Connecticut, author. I bought it searching for more insight into eating better food that was better for me. I love this book!!! It is full of great recipes, but they are not just recipes, they are a seasonal gathering of good meals. They tell you what to find during all four seasons that are the most nutritionally packed foods and how to pair them up with other good for you ingredients. Amazing.....I really took a step back and looked at the way I was eating and the things I was cooking. Thankfully my children are exceptional eaters, not much they won't eat or at least try. We were missing out on so many wonderful different grains, legumes and veggies. I really have added a lot of variety to our pantry over the last year or two and now that I have a great reference guide, I will continue to add more. Like my new favorite secret seasoning....kombu! Yes, code for sea vegetable!! I throw it into my cooking rice, soup or grain and the family is none the wiser, just healthier. You see "Clean Food" has taught me to stick it in there for all the wonderful minerals that my family will benefit from, but I don't have to freak them out by telling them they are eating seaweed!!! So very "Mom"smart!!! The book not only has the recipes, but a ton of really quick go to's on how to cook things, like a basic ratio & cooking method for know how much, how long to cook it and how much kombu to throw in. This is not just a simple cookbook, it is an all around great reference guide. You will often find me carrying it around the house, just in case I happen to get that quick minute to read a few pages again. I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself, it is a wonderful addition to every ones library.

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  1. I just received my copy two weeks ago, but haven't had time to take a look. You're encouraging me to pick it up right now!! And I'll have to look for kombu.